Thursday, August 6, 2015


Whether you're looking to improve your cribbage game, or looking for a great gift for your favorite opponent, you've come to the right place. If you're looking for the rules of cribbage or a few strategy tips, you'll find those as well. features books by Dan Barlow, 1980 National Open Cribbage Tournament Champion. The books are available from Or you may order from any local bookstore. Each book is $10.50.


From Games Magazine: "Cribbage for Experts (and future experts), by Dan Barlow, is . . . far and away the best study we've seen on the play of cribbage hands--the "pegging" phase of the game. Regardless of your cribbage skill, if you're interested in improving, you shouldn't miss this little gem."

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Sure, sure, the best way to have Fun with Cribbage is to find an opponent and play. But this collection of challenging puzzles, hilarious stories, and fascinating quizzes is almost as much fun. It's the perfect book to bring out when your favorite opponent is missing in action. Hours of fun, and a great gift for any cribbage player!

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You're playing the last hand of the last game of the world championship. The title is on the line. Will you make the right decision? We give you the position and your cards, you decide the play.

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